The premiere of "Williston Revisited: A Community Portrait" at Williston Central School on June 7, 2013. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Together, with the support of the community, local businesses and individuals, we can capture a significant moment in the history and tell the story of recent growth of Williston in Williston Revisited: A Community Portrait. The film will be shot in high-definition digital format, and is scheduled to debut the summer of 2013 in conjunction with Williston’s 250th anniversary of the granting of its charter.

The estimated cost of this project is $20,000 and will cover the expenses related to research, scripting, writing, film production, equipment rental, music rights, narration, post-production editing and producing the DVD and online resources related to  producing Williston Revisited: A Community Portrait. 

In order to create this historical record of our time, we looked to the  Williston community for financial support and sponsorship from individuals, non-profit groups, businesses and organizations. 

A huge thank you to our sponsors

"Friend of Williston"
Friends of DAML
Williston Historical Society
"Supporter of Williston"
David & Ginger Isham
Ken & Ginger Morton

Rotary Club of Williston-Richmond

Additional sponsorship opportunities are still available. Please contact: 
Jim Heltz, PO Box 938, Williston, VT 05495 | 802-872-7000 | jim@greenmountainvideo.com

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