Credits for the Film

Williston Revisited: A Community Portrait 

Directed by
James Heltz

Written by
James Heltz, Grace Heltz and Stephen Mease

Produced by
Green Mountain Video, Inc.
Williston, Vermont

A huge thank you to our sponsors
"Friend of Williston"
Friends of DAML
Williston Historical Society
"Supporter of Williston"
David & Ginger Isham
Ken & Ginger Morton
Rotary Club of Williston-Richmond

A Special Thank You To
Grace Heltz
Stephen Mease
Bill Skiff
Marti Fiske
Ruth Skiff
Town of Williston
Deb Beckett
Rick McGuire
Terry McCaig
Hazen Metro
Roger & Jane St. Hilaire
John Adams
Henry Iby
David Yandell
Nancy Stone
Richard Allen
Cathy Michaels
Ken Morton
Michael Isham
Ginger Isham
Kristen Littlefield
Jude Hersey
The Williston Observer
Paul & Marianne Apfelbaum
Jessica Andreoletti
Joann Simendinger
Fletcher Allen Health Care
Mansfield Heliflight-Tyler Roy
Jim & Lucy McCullough
Jonathan Milne
Ann Cousins

Historical Photos Provided by
Stephen Mease
Randy Senior
Richard Allen
Mark Hutchins/Pasadena, CA
Nancy Brennan Horton
Ted Horton

"Thomas & Elizabeth Chittenden"
Written & Performed by
Margaret McArthur & WCS Grades 3-5

"Thomas & Elizabeth Chittenden-Revisited" 
Performed by
Hazen Metro

Music Provided by
American Music Company
"Town Hall"
"Celtic Enchantment"
"Magical Journey"
"Still Waters"
"Spring Thaw"
"Military Stomp"
"One Flag"
"American Splendor"

Interviews Conducted by
Grace Heltz
James Heltz

Cinematography by
James Heltz

"Town Meeting Skit" Filmed by
Patrick Heltz

Production Assistant
Arnold Wetherhead

Sound FX by
Tom Haney

Thomas Chittenden Portrayed by
Bill Skiff

Publicity Photos/Media/Website by
Stephen Mease

Williston "A Community Portrait"
was presented by
The Town of Williston
Historic Preservation Committee

Produced by Green Mountain Video, Inc.
Directed by
James R. Heltz
Written by Ann Cousins & James R. Heltz
Narrated by Fran Stoddard 

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